Lemonade With Lil

never say “no” to tacos or group hugs.

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fill up your cup,

because it’s time to chill out and take a deep breathe.

Life can be…a lot. A lot of good things and a lot of bad things a whole lot in between. But one thing is for certain — when life hands you lemons, sometimes you need to bake them into a cake, shake them into a cocktail, plaster them on your wallpaper, or just simplify everything and pour yourself a glass of lemonade.

From food, to travel, to “you’ve got this” pep talks, I hope Lemonade With Lil is able to fill up your cup and give you a little refreshment.

I’m Lil, by the way. Cheers!


ready, go!



I’ve got your budgeting tips, health chats, “you go girl” pep talks, and all the life moments in between.



Let’s plan a staycation in New York City or jump the Atlantic — either way, we’ll make memories and eat well.



I take a lot of pictures. If you would like me to take pictures of you, I would be happy to do so! Drop me a note.