Lemonade With Lil

never say “no” to tacos or group hugs.

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fill up your cup,

because it’s time to chill out and take a deep breathe.

Life can be…a lot. A lot of good things and a lot of bad things a whole lot in between. But one thing is for certain — when life hands you lemons, sometimes you need to bake them into a cake, shake them into a cocktail, plaster them on your wallpaper, or just simplify everything and pour yourself a glass of lemonade.

From food, to travel, to “you’ve got this” pep talks, I hope Lemonade With Lil is able to fill up your cup and give you a little refreshment.

I’m Lil, by the way. Cheers!


ready, go!



Let’s plan a staycation in New York City or jump the Atlantic — either way, we’ll make memories and eat well.


Jesus chats

We’re all just people walking through life, one day at a time. Let’s come together in encouragement and honesty.



You need budgeting help, a new coffee cake recipe, and a solid “girl power” pep talk. You’ve come to the right place.