About Lil

Why am I the way I am? Excellent question. 

I grew up in Oregon. I will always recycle, carry a bag of granola, and be slightly snobbish when it comes to coffee. 

I went to college in Arizona. I have an obnoxious need for sunshine, think cacti are cute, and understand what good Mexican food tastes like. Oh, also, Lopes Up! 

I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. I go approximately 110 MPH on any given day, constantly try to solve every single problem I see, and find new people fascinating. 

Yes — Oregon, Arizona, and New York City are vastly different. Yet all three of them describe me better than anything else I've written (then promptly deleted) on this "About" page. 

I can't promise you niche-only content on Lemonade with Lil. But what I can promise is encouragement. Sometimes this will come in the form of Blueberry Buckle Cake, other times it will be through chats on how the Lord always provides. One way or the other, I hope you find love and support through the fairly random words I share with you. Thank you for joining me, I love that you're here!