Holy Smokes, Did 2017 Actually Happen?

Wowzers, I cannot believe 2017 is actually about to end. Frankly, I can't believe this year actually happened to begin with. While Twitter may be agonizing over the tragic year we've endured, I am happy dancing as I reminisce. Let's evaluate. 

I graduated college and earned my Bachelor's of Arts in Communication Studies with honors. Whoop Whoop! 


I moved back to my hometown for a super rad summer. I ended up working two jobs for a four-month period: Fitness Coach by day, Social Media Strategist by night. 70+ hour weeks are a lot, but it was such a fun summer! Not to mention, while Fitness Coaching may not have been in my initial game plan, it was an absolute BLAST. I met some groovy pals, worked with inspiring clients to better their overall health, and had access to the best gym in town. Yup, would 10/10 recommend. 

My parents moved to Idaho, which is chilly and different and yes, I'm still getting used to that. Don't worry Oregon, you will forever be home! 


Oh, then I moved to Brooklyn, New York. So that's a doozy of a change. 

For those of you that don't know, I am a Content Strategist for a tech startup in Manhattan. You still have no idea what I do, huh? No worries, pretty sure my dad still can't describe my job. To clarify, I edit content that has been submitted to the platform, advise college writers, manage an Instagram account, spend hours on Pinterest, and am generally immersed in my laptop. 


2017 was pretty swell, wasn't it? It's been a huge year of moves, changes, jobs, and having to go with the flow. I'm so thankful for all this year has brought to the table. That being said, I'm SUPER excited for 2018...maybe this year I won't actually move at all (compared to the three moves that 2017 held). That's a novel concept. 

Needless to say, one of the things I am most thankful for about 2017 is the unwavering support so many of you have given me. From friends I've known since I was very little, to college gal pals, to amazing coworkers, to those of you who have just hung along for the ride...thank you. It is so nice to know that you care! Here's to an amazing new year! Cheers! xoxo 

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