5 Things To Check Off Your To-Do List When Starting A New Job

I recently started a new job, in a new city, with a new neighborhood, new coffee shops, and a totally new timezone. There has been a lot of change in my life as of late, but obviously the most prominent is the career shift. A lot has to happen in the beginning stages of a new job; two weeks in and I'm still checking off items on my task list. 

1. Inspect your wardrobe

Thankfully, my new job has a very casual dress code. Most of our office is made up of white and black t-shirts, denim, and sneakers. We're Millennials, cut us some slack. But even with this very casual dress code, I had to inspect my wardrobe. Did I have pieces that would work for networking events? Do I have enough warm clothes for a New York winter? I had to go shopping (and get a raincoat, ugh Phoenix has spoiled me) and spend some money, but it was needed. Go get some new pieces - set yourself up for success in your new position. 

2. Research your benefits

Each job has different benefit standards; if you are eligible for your company's, make sure you look into what those benefits entail. Many companies require you to sign up for their benefits package within a certain amount of time, so don't waste the opportunity! Your company may also receive discounts for other things like gym memberships, so be thorough in your research! 

3. Update LinkedIn and your resume 

Sure, you could wait to update your resume until you need to send out a new copy to a questioning party, but wouldn't it be easier to just do it as soon as you can? Take the twenty minutes to reorganize your resume based on your new position so it's ready to go when you need it for a last-minute networking event. While you're at it, update LinkedIn so your professional network is in the know. You may not think that people care when you make a career change, but you never know who is watching your professional portfolio. As soon as I updated my LinkedIn with my new job, I had more "views" on my LinkedIn profile. You're a professional member of society, there's no shame in sharing that! 

4. Strategize your schedule

A new job inevitably means new responsibilities and a new time card. You can't necessarily rely on your old schedule and just swap the actual "work" part of your day. For instance, now I have to take my 50-minute commute into consideration. If the trains are cranky, it could be longer. Oh! And the gym? When will that happen? I mean an 8-hour day plus my commute is a 10-hour day and I am soooo not going to be in the mood when I come home...so now I'm waking up a 5 AM to snag a workout before I go into the office, which means a 9 PM bedtime. It's not fool-proof, but I'm adjusting. 

5. Get to know your coworkers. 

Your mind may be racing with all these tasks that you need to accomplish, but take a breather and get to know your coworkers. I mean, you're all in this together, right? Become comfortable within your company's culture; participate in happy hours, join book club, and chat about things other than SEO tactics (but do that too!). Your coworkers have the ability to help you, encourage you, and are probably one of the best parts of going into work. So say hello, grab coffee, and complain about the C train together. 

Now do you feel like you can go into a new job with your head raised high? I'm sure you can! Go conquer the professional world, I believe in you!