You Can't Plan Your Entire Life

I live and die by my agenda. When I move from pencil to pen the event, appointment, or simple coffee date in question is a permanent time in my life. It's happening. My friends know better than to switch plans last minute, as my sweet, color-coded notebook will surely face a tragic scribble. 

If you're not laughing at me yet, feel free to begin. 

I'm a planner. I like to know what is going on, when it's happening, and how I should dress for the occasion. My life is at its best when it is neatly organized and packaged with care. I've been like this my entire life and for the most part, this planning aspect of my character has come in handy. I'm reliable, organized, and can meal prep like nobody's business. My planner personality is one of my strengths. Yet it has also become my kryptonite. 

I have gone through three different moves in the last five months. Three times that required me to pack up my entire life, purge my closet, and start fresh. This did a number on my little brain, which was frantically trying to plan in advance when "in advance" really only had a "TBA" option. It killed me, but also forced me to learn how to go with the flow to a certain extent. 

Thank goodness, yo girl can actually breathe now. 

While I still like to have a gameplan, I feel as though my life is in a state of happy medium. Now I have my basic objectives for each day -- the things that need to be accomplished, like building a bed frame, getting groceries, or taking care of my poor, neglected blog -- but other than those things I find myself saying "ok, sounds good" when something is thrown my way. 

While this means that sometimes I do laundry on a Monday night instead of a Sunday afternoon, I've found that my life is generally more pleasant with my happy medium mindset. Nothing tragic has happened -- everything has still been checked off the list that was required -- and I still have an intensely productive lifestyle. 

You loosey goosey types are still rolling your eyes. That's fair. 

I don't think I'll ever live a life where I don't have some sort of to-do list written down. I'll never wake up without a clue of at least one thing I'll do. I'm a high-functioning human being, I won't apologize for that. But what I'm getting at is that while being a planner is great in so many ways, you need to create a balance for yourself. Sure, maybe my Saturdays are for grocery shopping and tidying up my shoebox-sized apartment. But Sundays are for wandering around the city I call home, taking it one block at a time. It's a good balance. 

Very few of my favorite moments of been "on the agenda" for today. Which is why I encourage all of you planners to still maintain your productivity and to-do lists, but don't book yourself down to the minute. Let yourself wander a little bit.