What If We Followed Wonder Woman's Lead?

When I go see a superhero movie, there are a few things I expect. Underdogs walking away from burning buildings. A predictable love interest. Soundtracks hinting that the bad guy is, indeed, right behind that building. I also expect to be inspired. I expect to feel like I can run through walls, jump out of planes, and conquer the worst of obstacles. I do not generally expect to feel compelled to analyze my way of living. Yet that's what Wonder Woman did. 

As promised, the film blew me away with its tale of sacrifice and immensely heroic ending. It was a great superhero film. Easily a favorite. But what really got me was not Diana's admirable warrior talents. It was her tenacity towards truth and her ability to love people -- not just her people -- that won me over. At the end of the film, she said: "I stay, and I fight, and I give." That's what she does. Does she kick butt? Yes. Does she have a crazy vertical leap? Yes. Can she destroy whatever (and whomever) she wishes? Yes. But her answer, and her overall attitude, is nothing but humble and kind.  

Throughout the entire film, Diana remained determined to do good. She didn't show-off her special talents to be showered with praise. Instead, she saw a problem and she did something about it. What would the world be like if we took her lead? What would happen if we saw a need, and did what was in our power to meet that need? What if we didn't stop there? What if we saw a need and did not stop until that need had been resolved? Even if it meant discomfort for our own personal desires and agendas...what if? 

Our world today is overcome with Facebook preachers and Twitter activists. While I love how these platforms allow us to express our opinions and concern, actions do speak louder than words...unfortunately, many who are loud on the internet are fairly quiet when it comes to leading by example. 

Wonder Woman is a great film. I love that I was watching a strong female lead (who was actually tall!! Eek!!) conquer the plot of the film. I was taken aback by her gentleness...the term "boss babe" is often associated with loud women yelling to prove their point. Diana showed us that you can be gentle and kind and still be the hero of your story. She showed us that you are not the most important person in your plot line...others are. True heroes focus their abilities towards the goodness of others. 

The fact of the matter is, it doesn't take superpowers to act with truth, passion, and kindness. We are able to portray those attributes every day. It's a choice; it's the ability to respond to a situation. Will you follow Diana's lead?