Your Boss Babe Starter Kit, Welcome To The Squad

I see the phrase “boss babe” approximately 203 times a day. It’s heavily used amongst Millennial gals, often holding a different meaning depending on who you ask. “Boss babe” is an encouragement, a call to action, and a battle cry — it’s a defining phrase for a large group of women who are taking things quite literally.

Millennial women are educated, professional, political, and gosh dangit, they’re accomplishing things. Far from perfect, but truly hard workers. I think the term “boss babe” applies.

Personally, I believe that being a “boss babe” is all about living your best life, recognizing your health is important, and making an impact in the world around you. While others may be more specific about the who, what, where, and other logistics, as long as you’re being conscious of what’s going on around you, you’re good to go in my book.

For those of you interested in taking your “boss babe” self to the next level, I’ve assembled a little resource guide. Things that I truly believe are helpful in living your best life. Enjoy, shop, conquer!

1. Planner

You have lots to do and need a place to keep your life in order. It’s simple, it makes life easier, and it comes in floral print. My favorite planners of all time are from Bando!

2. Financial app (and a matching budget)

Part of living your best life is taking charge of your financial situations. A budget is a necessity that you’ll learn to be grateful for. I’ve found Mint to be a budgeting app that works for me - it helps me see exactly where I’m at, and how much I have left for the month.

3. Coffee mug & water bottle

I have a coffee mug that I’ve brought to the office (see above) that I 110% believe helps me do my job better. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Don’t forget a water bottle — have reusable options for all of your beverages!

4. A career-based podcast

While I am all about the true crime podcasts that have me gasping on the subway, every boss babe needs a career-centered podcast to listen to on her commute. My favorite? Jenna Kutcher’s The Goal Digger Podcast.

5. Sneakers

I don’t care how active you are, you need a pair of sneakers that let you walk sidewalks and hills and everything in between. “Run around shoes,” as my mom would call them. Take care of your feet!

6. House slippers

On that note, get a pair of house slippers, too. Your feet do not need to be traipsing across the cold floor when you get a drink of water at night.

7. A really great crockpot

How do you have dinner on the table on time while still accomplishing 97 other things? A crockpot, my friends, a crockpot.

8. A meal prep plan

You’re busy, but you still need to eat. You’re much more likely to eat well (taking care of your body) if you meal prep. I don’t make the rules, I’m just the messenger. Start small with a grain bowl of some sort and work your way up from there.

9. An exercise goal

To match your meal prep enthusiasm, an exercise goal helps any boss babe stay motivated. Without a goal, it’s hard to hit the gym after a long day! Maybe you really want to run a marathon, or maybe you just want to run a mile. Either way, a goal is a step in the right direction.

10. Plants (or at least a succulent)

You don’t have to have a total green thumb, but if you can keep a plant alive, you’re doing something right.

11. One go-to potluck recipe

Everyone—guy or gal—needs to have one recipe they’ve mastered. Something that they can contribute to a gathering. May I make a suggestion? Start with dessert. Or coffee cake.

12. A power color

Finding a color that makes you feel like a million bucks is priceless. Or pricey, depending on how far along you are in that budget. But once you find it, you may just find some additional confidence.

13. A drink order

OK, this is just my opinion, but I think having a drink order feels very put together. Knowing what you want and how you like it (in all things—coffee, alcohol, herbal tea, sparkling water…) just seems “take charge.” And hey, it’s effective. If you’re looking at changing your drink order, maybe have a tasting night at home!

14. A portable phone charger

We live in the 21st Century, welcome.

15. A headshot

Even if you’re just spicing up your LInkedIn profile, a nice headshot helps give you an edge. And hey, your mom will probably want one for the fridge.

16. A grown-up purse

I know, I know. You can get the best shoulder bags at thrift stores, and Target can come in clutch with a weekend bag. But having a grown-up purse not only screams “professional,” but it makes you feel like one too! I’m just saying, Kate Spade is worth the money on this one.

17. Your designated pump up book

Maybe it’s You Are a Badass, maybe it’s a different self-help type book, or maybe it’s the Narnia Chronicles. Find a book that renews your energy and keep it handy.

18. Reliable headphones

Headphones from CVS only last so long. Not to mention, flimsy headphones suck you in to any college library within 20 miles, it’s science.

19. A skin care routine

Taking care of yourself starts with your skin. Whether you suffer from acne, eczema, or are just wanting to keep your youthful glow, taking care of your skin will impact you for the better.

20. A yoga mat

Just trust me on this one — stretching will make your life 92% better. A yoga mat helps.

21. A casual baseball cap

Sometimes a girl needs to pull her hair back and get work done! Or put a hat on her very Irish head for the sake of skin care. Either way, a baseball cap always comes in handy.

22. A mentor

The most important thing for a boss babe? Someone who has been exactly where she is and has lessons to share. A mentor is truly priceless for any gal who’s looking to grow—there’s no Amazon link for that one, but reaching out and getting coffee with someone you admire may be a good first step.

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