Ladies, Now Let's Get In Formation And Start Lifting Each Other Up

It's no secret that girls helping girls is one of my very favorite concepts. Actually, let's take it past the point of concept and to the point of habit. To a lifestyle. To a conscious decision to continue to empower our fellow female to be the very best version of herself in all situations. 

WHOOO I'm getting jazzed already. 

In honor of International Women's Day, I think it would do us all a service to notice an issue that is driving a hole into the ideology discussed above. 

As Tina Fey so poetically stated in Mean Girls, "there's been some major girl-on-girl crime here."

Every day, I hear girls saying things, or doing things, that are detrimental to the success, encouragement, and overall well-being of their sister. How often have you been with friends, scrolling through Instagram, only to hear "she's really not that pretty" stated about someone you've just stalked. Maybe you've participated in conversations about someone's relationship that have been less than kind, or perhaps you've found yourself secretly hoping she'd fail so you'd look better. 

Ladies, if we aren't cheering one another on, how do we expect to be built up ourselves? 

In today's world, feminism is plastered on billboards, printed on t-shirts, and marched around with pride. Yet we do not take the sentiment to heart and actually act on our words. We scream how we're for her and then continue to show the very opposite. 

Something needs to change. 

Instead of a world full of women that are so stuck in their own selfish bubbles of desire, I want to see a world of women who are so set on helping one another that they can't even be bothered with petty thoughts or destructive actions.

I want to see a world where women always stop to help mothers carry strollers down the stairs, mentor younger girls still in school, and realize that their home country is not the only place that gender equality needs to be discussed. I want to see a world where women of both political parties can come together and solve problems, standing for an overall good, not a battle won. 

The biggest thing I want to see? A world where women are not at war against one another. 

Ladies, if we want men to respect us in every aspect, we should be exemplifying respect in every step we take.  

Let’s be kind. 

Let’s turn an argument into a civil discussion, an educated debate.  

Let’s help one another reach new goals, achieve great things. 

Let’s love outrageously, taking the concept of grace to the next level. 

Let’s show the world what women are made of.  

XO, Lil