For The Gal Who's About To Make A New City Her Home

Everyone’s path looks a little different. Some gals stay close to their roots and couldn’t be happier. Some gals move just far enough away to call it space. And then there are those who take the leap of faith and move to a new, big city where connections are scarce and risk is a little higher. But they still do it.

My heart holds deep admiration for gals who find themselves in each of the above categories. But I can’t help but feeling closely connected to the ladies who take the leap and say goodbye to their home and hello to a new environment where they’ll be pushed and pulled in directions they’ve never imagined — all in the name of personal growth.

Luckily for me, there are a few girls very close to my heart who have chosen to take the leap and embrace the circus that is New York City. These gals, while they have done the work and made a very calculated decision to move here, are still facing the fears and uncertainties and newness that are present in making a big city home. While I can confidently say “been there, done that,” I get it. Emotionally, this move can be more than you bargained for. But it’s something I look back on with a smile.

So, gals who are making a new city home, I’ve got some encouragement for you.

There’s a reason you’re going with your gut and making this change. Whether you’ve been lifted up or looked at like a crazy person, it’s not up to others how this decision is made. It’s up to you, and you’ve taken that leap.

After making that decision, you may have had a few doubts.

A few moments of sheer terror.

A few wake up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-question-everything sleeps.

But no matter how relaxed or how stressed you are about this change, a big city isn’t nearly as different as it may sound.

A big city is just a small town that is home to more people. It’s people.

You’ve been around people your entire life, just different amounts. Every stage you’ve been through thus far has had good people and bad people. People who make you want to pull your hair out and people who inspire you, show you it’s ok, and provide you a community

That’s it, more people. Good and bad. You’ll interact and eat some dinner and call it a day, just as you would in your hometown. You’ll just be surrounded by more people.

When you break it down into those logistics, it’s not so scary, is it?

But what if! What about! And money! 

I know, so many questions I’m sure you’ve been asked by everyone who thinks you’re insane. But those same questions have been asked by others about the place you’re in right now. And you’ve been there to tell them, “well hey, if you need something, call me, but it’ll all work out.”

You’ve already made it this far, there is no reason you can’t make it a little farther.

Big cities get a lot of hype and there’s a reason for that. There’s really dope food and incredible diversity and transportation that allows you to abandon your car payment. There’s a lot of people. And now, there’s you! You’re adding to the hype and yes, you will be just fine.