10 Habits To Form For The Sake Of Being Your Best Self

New Year’s resolutions may or may not be your thing. It’s whatever — you do you. But, not matter which camp you claim as your own, there is something to be said about wanting to make yourself better.

The key? Habits. Stop it with the fad diets and random work out trials. Just form a habit and stick to it! You’re doing yourself a favor.

You may have super drastic changes you want to make — fantastic, congrats! But before you do a 180, start with realistic, healthy changes. It’s all about the baby steps.

1. No phone after 9 p.m.

I’ve heard so many people talk about how they want “less screen time” in their lives. I’m right there with them. It’s so easy to just scroll and scroll and scroll…my eyes started to glaze over just thinking about it. After a long day, it’s a heck of a lot easier to watch Netflix and update my fabulous Pinterest page than read a book or write. So no phone after 9 p.m., that’s the deal.

2. Don’t snooze the alarm in the morning

I’ve been told (or I’ve read via the interwebs) that this is tragically bad for you. Not to mention the fact that you never actually get decent sleep during your snoozefest. So no more! Instead, let’s get up and get moving.

3. Always eat a decent breakfast

Do you need me to tell you that this is the most important meal of the day? Ok. Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day? You can even start out slow and prep breakfast the night before with overnight oats. The main thing is giving your body something to get moving — no, a single coffee does not count.

4. One “lazy” dress day a week

OOH anyone heard the phrase “dress for the person you want to become?” It’s a great motivator to spice up your wardrobe and leave those t-shirts for Saturdays.

If you have a job without a strict dress code (cough cough, me), it can be easy to slack in the fashion department. The way you dress may not affect how you do your job, but it could also boost your confidence. Limit your casual wear to once a week and see how it feels!

5. Exercise three days a week

How many resolutions include “work out every day?” Tons. That’s all well and good, but if you’re going from 0 to 100, chances are high you’re going to burn out. That’s not what we want! Instead, set milestone goals — after you’ve conquered three days a week for a month or so, add on to your workout schedule. Slow and steady wins the race, or at leasts helps you cross the finish line (I would know).

6. Whip out that gratitude journal

I am such a fan of practicing gratitude, I’ve started talking to strangers about my little habit. Even if you aren’t sold with a daily doodle in a gratitude journal, I promise, writing down what you’re thankful for can really change your perspective. Gratitude can start your day or finish your evening — either way, incorporate it into your life.

7. Take a digital detox, one day a month

If you’re serious about your mental health, social skills, or overall wellbeing, a digital detox will make its way into your world at some point. One day a month without your phone or computer screen…you can do that, right? I double dog dare you.

8. Keep your toes painted

This is my “little thing” that makes my life feel slightly more together. Even if everything else is in disarray, if my toes have nail polish on them, something is right. We all have that one thing that helps us keep our balance.

9. Clean your room at least once a week

Even the messiest people understand that a clean room provides sanity. Keeping your space tidy, dusted, and air freshener lovely keeps your home life peaceful. If I go to work on Monday knowing that my bed is made and my room is clean, the week is already off to a better start.

10. Choose a new “me time” activity

We all love me time. For most of us, it involves Netflix, our favorite snack, and a cozy blanket. But I really want to refocus a percentage of my alone time for productivity, learning new things, and self improvement. For instance, getting creative on Grilled Cheese Wednesday will leave a much larger impact on my life than watching four episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Choose a skill, hobby, or general interest you have — then conquer it.

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