The Post-Grad Gal's Gift Guide

I’ve noticed something these past few “gift-giving” seasons — I just don’t have the “wish list” I used to.

That’s actually very false. I wish someone could get the roaches out of my apartment. I wish I could take Ubers more often. I wish I could live in Phoenix during January and February. I wish I didn’t have to do my own laundry.

That’s on the verge of whiny, so I’ll stop.

But do you see what I mean? My wish list has gotten far less materialistic, leaning more towards the “what does your better tomorrow look like” side of things. My wish list items are either 1. Things I can’t control or 2. Things that I have to make happen for myself.

This does not help my dear mom at all when she’s trying to go shopping. Truth be told, there aren’t many hours spent on my fantasy wish list above — I’m fairly content. Yes, I kill roaches with my bare hand and yes, I schlep to the laundromat twice a month, but I still treat myself to pizza. What more could a girl want?

Fact of the matter is, there are some sure-fire winners that will please any post-grad gal when she’s getting a present. We’re talking the perfect balance of exciting and practical.

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1. Rain boots

If your post-grad gal doesn’t have to suffer through winter, congrats, you can skip this one. But, if she tends to mention wet socks every time it starts to drizzle, help her out. Sure, you could get her Hunter rain boots that will cost a pretty penny, or you could stick to these (which I highly recommend) that save some cash while getting the job done.

2. A boss babe book (or two!)

I love a good self-help read. Many recent grads — or twenty somethings in general — are always appreciative of a little boost. Whether it’s Amy Poehler inspiring their next career move or Yung Pueblo reminding them of what’s important, a good boss babe read is always a solid gift.

3. New headphones

Everyone under the age of 35 uses headphones on a daily basis. They get worn out! A new pair is always a good idea, and often something people don’t splurge on for themselves.

4. Reliable, comfortable socks

Maybe this is dorky, but these are my favorite socks in the ENTIRE WORLD. They are thick enough to keep your feet comfy and warm while also being thin enough to fit in any shoe. These are exactly what I told my little sister I wanted this Christmas. I swear by these socks.

5. Airline miles/gift cards

It’s no secret that young people love to explore new places. It’s also no secret that Millennials are drowning in student loans. Giving your favorite twenty something gal an airline gift card will help make her travel dreams come true!

One of my good friends came out to visit me this last spring, using a few airline gift cards she had received. Truly, what an amazing gift!

6. Pyrex

I’m not just saying this because I love it, but meal prepping is a habit that many young women are forming. It’s economical, as well as a healthier option than ordering in. Get your gal some quality pyrex to keep her food in! Even if she’s not on the meal prep train yet, she can at least put her leftover pizza into something that can be re-used.

7. Prints or photos

Wall art is great for twenty somethings, because it’s easy to use and easy to move. I’ve moved four times in the last two years — sure, that lamp is cute, but I can’t shove it in an Uber when my lease is up. Wall art allows you to help them decorate their room and keep it when they move again in the near future.

Sidenote: My newest obsession is Melsy’s Illustrations. Jamel, the illustrator, is a NYC-based artist who has the cutest prints!!

8. Statement earrings

Earrings have the ability to spice up old clothes without even trying! Small, easy to ship, and something that will make any girl feel like her whole outfit is brand new! I’m all about the tassels…anyone else?

9. Tickets to that show they’ve wanted to see forever

Obviously I am a Broadway fanatic, but everyone has that “activity” they absolutely adore. Maybe it is a Broadway show. Maybe it’s a concert. Maybe it’s a sporting event. Whatever it is, giving someone tickets is giving someone a memory they’ll cherish!

10. A new cookbook

Any post-grad will tell you that they’re still figuring things out. We’ve ALL met that 27-year-old who still eats ramen every night. No shame in that, but it is fun digging into a new cookbook. Maybe it’s a book full of cookies, or a one that contains classy cocktail recipes for your favorite host! Whatever it may be, I’m convinced there is a cookbook out there for everyone.

11. A French press

Because she’ll probably go somewhere with bad coffee (errrr, the office) and need to bring her own magic bean device.

Giving gifts can be hard, especially when the person you love is in a new stage of life. But there are some questions you can ask yourself to find the perfect gift. What are things they love, but can’t get where they live? What do they talk about the most? What would make their life a little easier? What’s a skill they’ve been wanting to learn? What makes them feel special? Is your brain full of gift-giving inspiration yet? I sure hope so.

Merry Christmas, friends!

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