Yes, God Does Tell You His Plan For You

Originally published on May 3, 2017. 

I know that God has a plan for my life. I know that while I may attempt to control that plan, His plan will remain. Don't get me wrong, I know that His plan is far better than anything I could muster up. Trust me when I say I'm glad He's in control -- life would be a hot mess if I was placed in charge. Yet the fact of the unknown can reach a certain level of...well, desperation. Is it killing you too? Are you anxiously waiting for a sign (really, a strategically placed billboard would be excellent right about now) telling you what decision to make? I've found myself asking the Big Man for a blueprint -- just a little hint -- of what is to come. He can still make the decisions, but I just want a little heads up. You know, to give me time to prepare, make sure my wardrobe is up to par, and read up on my new destination. 

HA, that's not how it works, and you and I better get that pesky attitude out of our brains ASAP. 

While we may not know what, (or, for you college grads, where), the Lord has in store for us, we are still privy to what His plan is for our actions and attitudes RIGHT NOW! While I don't know what side of the country I'm bound to end up on, I do know that I am to take up my cross daily, being a witness of the Gospel's grace...Matthew 16:24. I am to show each and every person (yes, even the annoying woman in line at the grocery store) Jesus' love through my actions. 

Even if I don't know what's next, I am to rely on God's Word to grow in my faith...Psalm 119:105. I am to be a dedicated servant, expanding my knowledge of the Scripture. While the book of Romans may not direct me to coordinates on a map, it will direct me in the power of Christ. Being in Scripture reaffirms Christ's love, and why I ought to serve Him in each stage of life. 

While I would love to say that I have it all together - "Why yes, I do know what I'm doing post-graduation!" - I need to live a life in complete honesty...Ephesians 4:25. I must accept vulnerability, rising each day with an attitude of humility. Pride, while an intensely easy habit to fall into, has no place in my life. Yet honesty thrives, bettering both myself and the individuals I come in contact with. 

In flipping through my Bible, I could go on about God's plan for us. He may not show me what my next step is, but He is faithful in showing me exactly what I need to do right now. On an eternal scale, isn't it far more important to know these Christ-like attitudes that He asks us to exemplify than to know what job is waiting for us in six months? He never gives us more than we are able to handle -- He'll fill us in when we need Him to. But for now He has provided a blueprint of our example, actions, and attitudes that we can find peace in. Isn't it kind of exciting to know that the Creator of the Universe...I'm sorry, should I repeat myself? THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE knows where you're heading. Why are we worried? Let's put that silly notion out of our lives right now and enjoy the ride. 

Lily Moe