Back to Brooklyn

Good day, bad day 

Come rain or shine 

You still hop on the downtown train 


It takes you home 

It keeps you warm 

Too warm once spring hits


It's unreliable 

But in retrospect

The most dependable 


You never know where they've been 

To your right and to your left

Maybe they're the next big thing 


Or maybe they've had a rough day 

They need a smile 

Or your seat 


You don't know what the city has put them through 

Maybe it knocked them down 

You've been there


You're all in the same boat

You have places to be 

You all have the same, yellow card 


You all have dreams 

Some big stage levels 

Some hoping to make rent 


Yet you're all there 

The same place

The downtown train 

PoetryLily MoeComment