Jan. 24, 2018

New York has a funny way of turning even the most routine people into spontaneous children. Or simply, children who are willing to break up their "usual." 

I'm pleased to report that yours truly has adopted this mindset. While I religiously meal prep on Sunday evenings and function best on eight hours of sleep, I've decided that weekends are not the only days with the potential for fun. There are seven days in a week, each able to be equally enjoyable. 

This being said, going to shows on weeknights holds the opportunity for 1. better seats and 2. cheaper tickets. So the last two Wednesdays have been filled with plays. Yesterday, my dear friend and I saw Aladdin (truly a Disney wonder), concluding our evening with cheesecake at Junior's. Having chatted our night away, I found myself walking to the train at the stroke of midnight. 

No, this wasn't a Cinderella moment, sorry to get your hopes up. But this walk to the train showed me a side of New York I was completely blown away by. 

I've never found myself on 5th Avenue that late in the evening. Especially on a weeknight. But the city was quiet. Serene. Empty sidewalks and very few city workers. No one was pushing and shoving, no one was rushing or yelling. The city that never sleeps had taken a nap and I was thriving.

My mile to the train, I strolled. I didn't have to hurry past tourists with cameras flashing up at the Chrysler building. I could just enjoy it. Upon reaching the steps of my train station, I saw the New York Public Library without a soul on its steps. No one was selling anything or taking a photo for Instagram. 

The city was able to simply be. 

Lily MoeComment