I Just Really Love New York, Cue The Sentimental Vibes

I have been a resident of New York for 241 days. 214 days if you're being technical and looking at the date my driver's license was issued. Nine months didn't seem like a long time when I was growing up, but now those nine months have felt like years. A lot has happened in nine months. Bomb scares in Port Authority. Solving my apartment's mouse problem. Finding the very best Sicilian pizza in the city. Realizing that my Type A, West Coast attitude is easy, breezy hippie compared to most born and bred New Yorkers. 

In these 241 days, I've had a few friends visit, each time showing them what makes my city...just so so so cool. Watching others look up at the World Trade Center in awe, exploring The Village, or resting on The High Line helps me appreciate that where I live truly is what dreams are made of. 

I can't get caught up in my day to day and forget that I am privileged to experience the humanity that is New York City. 

Now that summer is approaching -- who are we kidding, it's here -- I'm reminded even more of why I fell in love with the city as an intern, two years ago. Street fairs, with different languages exchanged a mile a minute. Musicians on every corner. Wide eyed interns, amazed tourists, no-nonsense natives. Tony season. Getting up with the sun and refusing to go inside until it’s signaled you to do so. Photographers capturing sunsets while others simply observe. Brunch on patios. Reading in Central Park and grabbing a cookie from Levains’s. Walking for hours and hours and hours...never getting bored because everywhere you look, there is humanity to admire. I'm not sure how long I'll be here, but whether it's forever or the next little jaunt, I am confident New York has left a mark on my soul that will last. 

OK, mushy nonsense over, I've learned a lot of lessons since I've been here! But not all of them are strictly about Broadway ticket deals or outlasting an East Coast winter. A lot of them are just...I don't know, good sentiments? That's probably the wrong word. But it's a Sunday night and I have work tomorrow so that's what you're gonna get. Just accept the sentiments. 

No one is too busy to be kind. 

You don't need money to live your life well. 

Differences deserve celebration, and those celebrations benefit everyone. 

We all take the same sidewalk, whether you're a Park Avenue businessman or a hot dog vendor. 

A bagel sandwich can improve any situation. 

Do not engage with: activist groups, men in finance, or any street performers. 

You do not need to take more space than you require, don't be that guy. 

Your choices directly impact someone else. 

It will take you approximately 5 seconds to help the lost tourist find their subway line. 

There are a whole lot of bad people in the world, but the good ones shine brighter. 

You can always take a breath. 

Stand sideways on the subway, like you're surfing. 

There are so many other lessons I've learned in this city that I am equally grateful for. New York is a weirdo who encourages me, curbs my hunger, humbles me, questions me, pushes me...just come visit, OK? 

Forever thankful,