36 Hours In Menorca, Spain

I love the movie “Mamma Mia!” It has inspired my wardrobe choices, my cardio playlist, and my Mediterranean appetite. It has also made it so that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Greece. Give me a pair of overalls and call me Donna (or don’t), and I’ll be the happiest camper. Or, I think I would be the happiest camper. I digress.

With my forever love for Greece, I was thrilled to visit the next best thing - the island of Menorca, off the coast of Barcelona, Spain. During our Barcelona autumn getaway, my friend and I decided that 36 hours in Menorca would help split up the big city chaos, while allowing us to stroll next to the bluest water imaginable. So we hopped on a 50 minute flight, and landed in an island that deserves its very own movie.


Right? RIGHT?!

Menorca is stunning. Absolutely breathtaking. Blue waters, pink buildings, very few people who speak English (authentic, while also challenging)…it’s a dream! We stayed at an Airbnb in Mao, a town on the southeast side of the island that is about 20 minutes from the airport. It’s quaint and quiet — literally, we went on an off-season and there were streets with NO other humans. None. The apocalypse could have come and we wouldn’t have known.

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During our first morning/early afternoon in Menorca, we were trekking along with hiking backpacks, unable to get into our Airbnb. So we stopped at a little cafe and downed croissants, cappuccinos, and this lovely little pastry called an ensaimada — it’s a Balearic specialty, apparently. No, I don’t have a picture of one because we had no idea it was a big deal until we were on our flight back to Barcelona. People were bringing back boxes of ensaimadas as their carry-on! Who knew?!

Once we get into our Airbnb, we took a bus to Ciutadella, Menorca’s capital city on the other side of the island. There, we stopped at this cute little restaurant, S’Amarador, to eat the most amazing cheeseplate, fried octopus, and tomato bread next to the water.


We followed our afternoon meal with gelato, more wandering, and stopping in Ciutadella’s little shops. Again, it was very quiet, which meant there weren’t necessarily “activities” to do. But the narrow streets, the pastel buildings, and THAT WATER made our little excursion heavenly.

Our second day in Menorca, we were back in Mao for some more R&R. We stopped at Pipet & Co for breakfast, desperately in need of nourishment. This cafe did not disappoint—we actually had eggs, bacon, and…well, we finished breakfast with a piece of Guinness chocolate cake.


After our last round of wandering—of which included an interesting excursion to a gin store…did you know that Menorca is known for its gin? Something about the way it’s distilled with juniper berries? The more ya know—we headed back to the airport, ready for our last two days in Barcelona.

Menorca was a super fun, super relaxing stop in our Spanish adventure. If you do go, make sure you plan kayaking or a boat tour or something, that way you have activities to actually do. Or, you could follow our lead and drink cappuccinos while wandering to your heart’s content. One way or the other, you can live out your own “Mamma Mia!” dream.

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